New Brunswick Motor Vehicle Inspection (MVI)

New Brunswick Motor Vehicle Inspection (MVI)

New Brunswick Motor Vehicle Inspection Station

January 2019 Motor Vehicle Inspection MVI New Brunswick
MVI Expires This Month!

Don't Get Caught With an Expired Sticker

Having that little sticker on your front windshield is more than just a requirement to satisfy law enforcement officers. It should provide peace of mind that your vehicle is road worthy and safe. The MVI process looks at all major components of your vehicle to ensure that they are in good operating condition and won't cause a hazard to you or others whom you share the road with.

Atlantic Euro Cars is a licenced New Brunswick Motor Vehicle Inspection Station who can inspect most passenger vehicles and trailers. We encourage you to try us for your next inspection!

    Why switch to us?


    Licenced Inspection Station

    Atlantic Euro cars is a licensed New Brunswick Vehicle Inspection Station with over 25 years of car sales and service experience.


    Honest Feedback

    We'll give you a clear understanding of what needs to be fixed immediately, and what can wait. We won't hold you hostage.


    Save Money

    Our shop rate is competitively priced. Any extra work needed will be discussed with you first along with an estimate of the cost.

    We check for your safety

    We check for your vehicle's safety in the following areas as prescribed by the Government of New Brunswick:

    1. The body, and seat belt assemblies
    2. The windshield and windows
    3. The horn
    4. The windshield wipers
    5. The rear-view mirror
    6. The lighting systems
    7. The exhaust system
    8. The brake system
    9. The steering system
    10. The suspension system
    11. The wheels and tires
    12. The coupling system

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