Leasing with Claireview Leasing and Atlantic Euro Cars

Atlantic Euro Cars and Claireview Leasing GP. are pleased to announce their partnership to provide personal, corporate and small fleet leasing opportunities for clients in Atlantic Canada.

As one of the largest privately held leasing companies in Canada, Claireview Leasing and AEC provide the ultimate vehicle leasing experience.

Having leased vehicles for over 35 years, our staff currently boasts over 200 years of cumulative leasing experience. As independent, entrepreneurial, full-service leasing partners, Claireview and AEC offer you flexibility, diversity and personalized, professional service. We are renowned for our wide selection of vehicle leasing opportunities and customer experience.

We can handle all of your vehicle leasing needs, whether you are a new or existing customer. Specifically as an independent and well know leasing company we offer:

  • Leases new and used cars, trucks and vans, of all makes and models
  • A large selection of new, certified pre-owned and pre-leased vehicles
  • Access to Fleet programs for new vehicles
  • Customized payments and terms based on your financial requirements
  • Provide top notch leasing knowledge and experience
  • Have professional and Knowledgeable staff that specialize in importing US vehicles

For more information on how AEC & Claireview Leasing can help you with your personal leasing needs call Hup Clark or Gary Smith