What We Sell

Think differently about your next vehicle purchase

Atlantic Euro Cars utilizes the 30 plus years of automotive experience of Hup Clark to source its vehicles. Whether you are thinking about a New or Pre-owned vehicle we can help. We have built relationships with most franchised new car dealers and many hi-line pre-owned car dealers throughout Canada and the USA. Whether it is an Aston Martin, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Bentley or any other hi –line brand we probably have a contact. We have relationships with most domestic and import franchises as well, which allows us to source any brand of car, truck or SUV. Because we are a licensed motor vehicle dealer, Atlantic Euro Cars has access to most Canadian and US Auto Auctions as well so we can source any vehicle you might be considering. If it is a replacement vehicle for your current car or truck we can help.

Our Process

Step #1 The Interview We meet with our potential client to determine their specific needs for their new or Pre Owned Vehicle. This process typically is done on the telephone or by e-mail so we can detail the client’s vehicle preferences, colors, options etc. We also discuss preliminary budgets whether payments, leasing or simply writing the cheques.
Step #2 Research Stage After the initial client interview we begin our research for you, search out the best options, available vehicles and determine if your budget is workable within the original parameters discussed. At this stage we will present you with some available vehicles, pricing, and financing options.
Step #3 Agreement to Order If what we have discovered during our initial research stage is acceptable we will then proceed to the agreement to purchase. At this point we will finalize your budget, appraise your trade in ( if applicable) , arrange financing or leasing arrangements and accept a deposit from you.
Step #4 Purchase of vehicle AEC will proceed to find your vehicle from the appropriate source based on our agreement to purchase. We will purchase the vehicle on your behalf as agreed.
Step #5 Shipping and Preparation After purchasing and payment for the vehicle by AEC, we arrange shipping to Saint John. This usually takes 7-10 business days dependent on the location of the vehicle. On Arrival in Saint John the vehicle is processed by our service centre and a 150 point inspection is carried out to insure it meets all of our standards. A copy of this report is supplied to every client.
Step #6 Delivery Once the car is processed and ready for delivery you will be contacted to arrange a convenient location for you. At this time the balance of payment is required for the vehicle and the appropriate registration and documentation is signed by the client.