Consignment Sales

Atlantic Euro Cars now offers consignment vehicle sales. Do you want to sell your car privately to get maximum value? Our client’s utilize our expertise to price and sell their vehicles on consignment quickly.

Atlantic Euro Cars will lead you through the process and make it easy. Your vehicle must meet our standards of quality, and have the ability to pass our inspection process. This is to insure every car we offer any client is of a consistent quality. Once we have accepted your vehicle for sale we will field the calls, talk to the dreamers, and bring you a solid realistic offer.

Once you have accepted the offer for your vehicle we will complete all the necessary paper work to insure that the transaction is documented and processed correctly with the Motor Vehicle Department.

If you want assistance selling your current vehicle give us a call or fill out the form below – we may have a client waiting.

Client responsibilities:

  1. Declaration that they are the registered owner of the vehicle and that they have the right to enter into an agreement to sell the vehicle.
  2. The owner will in collaboration with Atlantic Euro Cars (AEC) will establish the selling price for the vehicle. The owner acknowledges that this will be the asking price and not a guaranteed selling price.
  3. To maintain insurance on the vehicle until the time of sale and to notify their insurance agent that they are leaving the vehicle with AEC for sale.
  4. Agree to pay AEC sales commission based on 5% of the selling price of the vehicle or $500 whichever is greater plus HST as required by legislation.
  5. The owner must declare that the vehicle mileage shown on the car’s dash is the true actual mileage to the best of their knowledge.
  6. The owner must declare to AEC if the vehicle has been involved in an accident and repaired..
  7. The owner must disclose any known mechanical defects on the vehicle and that the manufacturers maintenance service recommendations have been followed and are up to date and current.
  8. The owner agrees to supply two (2) keys for the vehicle at the time of the agreement.
  9. The owner agrees that the vehicle will be inspected by the company’s authorized service centre for an updated (new) New Brunswick Motor Vehicle Inspection. Should the vehicle require repairs to pass the NB Vehicle Inspection the client agrees to perform these repairs prior to the company accepting the vehicle for sale under its business name
  10. The owner agrees to reimburse AEC for any expenses incurred with respect to the sale of the vehicle. These expenses will be pre-approved by the registered owner and could include but are not limited to reconditioning costs, expenses paid by the company for motor vehicle license plates (if registration is not current or less than 3 months remaining), license transfers and Motor vehicle inspection repair costs necessary to receive a current MVI.

Atlantic Euro Cars Inc Responsibility

On acceptance and signature of this agreement Atlantic Euro Cars (a licensed and bonded Motor Vehicle Dealer in the Province of New Brunswick) will provide the following services:

  1. To market the vehicle in an ethical and responsible way.
  2. To provide the registered owner with appropriate advice with respect to a reasonable price for the vehicle to allow the company to sell it within a 90 day time frame.
  3. To advertise the vehicle on AEC website and other websites it deems appropriate.
  4. To solicit reasonable offers for the vehicle and present them to the registered owner.
  5. To prepare and complete all documentation required by the Motor Vehicle Act in the Province of New Brunswick with respect to the sale of the vehicle.
  6. To execute the proper registration documents with the appropriate motor vehicle branch to insure that the transfer of ownership is complete at the time of sale and liability for the ownership of the vehicle is transferred to the new owner.
  7. To process any applicable HST for the selling client. AEC will base any trade in tax credits on the sales price of the vehicle less the sales commission and additional expenses paid.
  8. To issue payment for the vehicle to the seller within 2 business days of the receipt of payment from the purchaser to Atlantic Euro Cars Inc.