A Guide to Cars

The following is an introduction to our new series “A Guide to Cars”. The series will begin next week with the post “Buying a New Car,” followed by seven additional posts with more practical advice on buying, owning, and operating a motor vehicle. We will share insights gained in our thirty years of experience; information that will help relieve the stress of owning a motor vehicle.

The sections are:

Buying a New Car
Buying a Used Car
How to Get the Best Service
Insurance Issues
Winter Driving (yes, it’s coming)
Selling Your Own Car

1. Buying a New Car
What to look for
How to talk to the sales person
What questions to ask
How much should I pay
What should I know before I go to a dealership
What about all the extras they would like to sell me
How to check out the dealership’s reputation

2. Buying a Used Car
What to look for
How to inspect a used vehicle
What is a Car Fax / Car Proof report
Why should I buy a report if the vendor does not provide one

3. Financing
Will that be cash or charge
Leasing vs. buying
Length of term
Zero per cent interest vs. cash back
Borrowing Alternatives

4. How to Get the Best Service
When Do I Need to Get Service
What minor problems can be ignored
When you MUST stop driving the car
How to describe service problems
Original equipment vs. aftermarket

5. Insurance Issues
What is basic coverage.
How much does it cost.
What specifics are covered, what are missed.
How to safely reduce the cost.
Why you should pay for higher liability coverage.

6. Winter Driving
Winter tires vs. all season
Parking tips

7. Car Care – The Fine Art of Detailing
Why it’s important
Where to begin
Tips for cleaning inside
Tips for cleaning outside
What cleaners are safe
Headlight and taillight lenses
Chrome and mag wheels

8. Selling Your Own Car
Preparing for the sale
Making the deal
Insurance and liability

Every car purchase is different, and what you learned a few years back may no longer apply. To gain a big advantage, talk to Hup Clark or Gary Smith at Atlantic Eurocars. You’ll have the benefit of over thirty years of automotive experience. Call 506-638-9340 or visit our website www.atlanticeurocars.ca.

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