What car options should I be looking for?

We often get asked about what car options should I look for,  when I get my next vehicle?  Having been in the luxury car business for the past 30 years my advice is that buyers chose their cars colours and options wisely as it can have a significant impact on the future value of the vehicle.  Options vary widely amongst all of the different manufactures, however in the luxury market there are certain things that you should be looking for.

With most European vehicle manufacturers you really need to get their Premium package to get all the options you would expect. This applies to BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche and Range Rover All these models have extensive option sheets so you need to research these thoroughly. Each manufacturer has slightly different content to these packages but most include heated seats, memory seats, adjustable steering column, Bluetooth telephone integration, parking aids and rear hatch or trunk closer’s.

Rear hatch or trunk closers are a very useful feature for soccer moms’ and people who drive these vehicles daily lugging children and crazy amounts of cargo. Easy access to the rear cargo compartment is without doubt an overlooked area in most sales persons walk around and vehicle delivery discussions.

Other packages that are often sold to clients are things like navigation systems, adjustable suspension systems, Driver assist systems such as blind spot monitoring and premium sound packages.

In my opinion the best options are those that offer either safety such as blind spot monitoring or Xenon Lights or convenience features such as Navigation. Be sure to look at the various packages offered as these  can save significant costs over the stand alone option when bundled by the manufacturer.  – Hup Clark

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