Shopping Online? Buyer Beware!

You’ve heard it before, and it’s just as true today.

Everybody loves a deal, but you rarely get something for nothing. Take online car buying for example. There’s dozens of online vendors out there, all pretty much the same.

The offer looks like this. They will search for the best deal they can find, and you’re going to sign a contract for 30, 40, 50 thousand dollars. You’ve never dealt with them before, maybe never HEARD of them before, and you’re going to depend on a sentence like “100% Money Back Unconditional Guarantee” to protect you.


Here’s what one of those unconditional guarantees actually says, “If you find a better deal and fax proof of it to us within seven days, we will refund your membership fee.”

“Maybe” they will return your membership fee. What about the $50,000?

Sorry, that’s not covered.

Here are some of the other risks you should consider:

Price: You may get three prices, but why would a dealer give the best deal he can to a person he has never heard of before? He knows what he is dealing with and he is going to do all he can to secure maximum profit. He doesn’t care if he misses your deal, there is another price request right behind yours.

Delivery: How far will you have to go to get the vehicle? We can’t tell you. You have to pay for the service before you know the answer.

Product briefing: Who is going to give you the walk through, provide the rundown on the vehicle? Explain the safety and emergency features? Will they care?

After sales service: The dealer you purchased from considers you a one time buyer. Where does that place you in his mind? Most likely at the back of the line.

Warranty: Will the dealer go to bat for you, walk the extra mile to get satisfaction from the manufacturer? Answer: See above.

Vehicle Recalls: How can you be sure you will get this critical information?

Financing: The minute you register with one of these vendors, you will begin to receive “unbeatable” offers for financing and insurance, each one with its own bagful of conditions and pitfalls.

Personal Service: You will wind up dealing with the largest dealerships and will be just another number in a service file. As much as they might want to please you, the systems they are required to follow are designed to extract the maximum profit from every deal at every opportunity.

If you really want to avoid the hassles associated with car buying, find the best price, and still retain responsible, experienced follow up and service, you should consider Atlantic EuroCar.

  • Atlantic Euro Cars is a full service auto broker.
  • We shop the market for you to obtain the vehicle you want at the best price.
  • We can quickly negotiate deals with other dealers at lower prices, thus saving you time and money.
  • We can buy vehicles from wholesale dealer-only auctions for even greater savings.
  • On new vehicles, you are still eligible for all manufacturer incentives including rebates and low interest financing or leasing.
  • On used vehicles, we research the vehicle history and arrange an independent inspection to ensure reliability.

That’s the better alternative. Atlantic Euro Car is not the latest “here today, gone tomorrow,” internet fad. We have 30 years of solid, boots on the ground experience making people happy and delivering unequaled customer service.

Call us at 506-638-9640. Or visit us at

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