Winter Is Coming…

Thankfully we don’t live in the Game of Throne’s world where winters can last for years and years, even though it may seem like it by the time we get to February.

One of the most important things your can do for your and your families safety in the winter is ensure that you have a good set of winter tires for your vehicle. Many people think that All Season tires will work in our area but for best safety and winter traction and control you should consider “winter only tire designs. Proper winter tires make a world of difference in gaining traction and braking on slippery roads. 4-Wheel drives are great – but if you don’t have traction, you can still end up in the woods!

True winter tires are a more open the tread design, which perform better against accumulated snow. The larger the tread blocks, the better the handling, steering response, and transient response. The more sipes (tiny slits in the tread blocks), the better the tire will work on wet pavement, which is different than anti-hydroplaning.

All-season tires can provide safe all-weather performance, but are unsuitable for heavier snow conditions. All-season tires do not have cold weather rubber compounds, channeling tread patterns, the large numbers of tread sipes (for wet surface control, and the open tread block pattern for snow traction that winter tires feature. The lack of a formal “snow” designation on tires has further fuelled the misconception that “all-season” tires also mean “winter” tires.

Atlantic Euro Cars offers a wide range of winter tires for your car or SUV at a great price. We have access to most major tire brands including Continental, Michelin, Pirelli, Hankook, Good Year, BF Goodrich, and Bridgestone. We also offer a wide range of alloy wheels. Call or e-mail us for our recommendation for your vehicle

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