You CAN Buy a Pre-Owned Car Without Sitting In It.

Can you picture yourself spending your hard-earned money, investing in a car that you’ve not had the chance to sit in, touch, or drive? Believe it or not, it’s just another day around here.

Lets talk about how it can be done :

The Where & The Who to Buy From

We’re not really talking about private sales here. Don’t put too much trust in Mr. Tommy Trader online or dealer ads that show only “beauty shots” of a clean and shiny car from 10 feet away – in just the right shade of red you’ve been dreaming about. Try your best to take your heart out of the game. Yes, you should know what makes and models that get your engine revving, but always remember it’s what’s on the inside that counts (something you don’t often see online).

Scratches on bumper used car inspection report

We want to see all of the problems with the car before we purchase it.

There are other car-buying resources out there (some publicly accessible, some not), including national leasing companies and auction sites that have professional third-party inspectors who compile detailed reports on every lease return or used car that passes through. Every little ding, whether proper maintenance procedures, parts and tires have been used, etc…is noted. If you know what to look for in a car’s history and reconditioning needs, there are some good cars just waiting to be found.

As for the where, there are some advantages to stepping outside your own province to purchase from afar – if you know what to look for and the right questions to ask. This is really where having the confidence to buy a car without sitting in it can pay off.

Getting All the Information, Not Just the Shiny Stuff

Now, we don’t recommend that everyone starts buying cars they’ve never seen. The biggest piece of advice we can give here is: Do. Your. Homework.

We’re in the business of buying cars for clients, not ourselves. That takes emotion out of the equation (although we LOVE what we do!). When dealing with online retailers and auction companies, we ask for the ugly photos and the long, boring write-ups. Every scratch and dent, under the hood, reconditioning and accident reports…

With no surprises and decades in the car industry to rely on, it makes buying a car from, say, Montreal, not as scary as it might be to some. What is important here is that you consider the listed price of the car, what the full history looks like, and add in any reconditioning costs (the average $20,000 car might generally need only about $1500 in repairs before it’s ready for the road).

Get used car inspection reports

Third-party inspection reports are essential when purchasing a car sight unseen.

We will guide you through all the reports, and quote what you’ll actually pay to find the perfect car for you. And because we’ve reached so far (and accessed so many resources and options) to find that perfect fit and ask all the right questions, you’re going to get the very best value for your hard-earned money and drive away happy and confident in your decision – when your butt actually does hit that seat.

See, it can be done!

Atlantic Euro Cars is an independent dealership who focuses on the sales and service of high-line European vehicles in Saint John, New Brunswick. We focus on taking care of our customers and their cars. With many long term contacts with manufacturers and dealerships all over Canada which assist us in sourcing hard to find parts and cars, we can ensure that your car gets serviced at the same level of quality as at the dealership.

What car are you looking for?

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